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This 32.25" x 29.5" piece was crafted from a single, solid tree round and fully encased in clear epoxy resin bringing out every remarkable detail in the wood and live edge. A blend of pearl, black and other metallic epoxy resin has been poured to fill a large natural split in the round, creating the perfect balance of wood and resin finish. On the bottom of the piece, small natural cracks were stabilized and highlighted with a hand cut bow tie joint, laid seamlessly into the wood. This stunning live edge table would make.a great coffee, cocktail, or card table. 

BOWBAR Live Edge Epoxy Resin Table

SKU: FN10001
$650.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price
  • Please note that all BOWBAR furniture is handcrafted. Each item is built with integrity and attention to detail using a proven woodworking and resin process.  Handcrafted items, by nature, have natural and unique imperfections. These inconsistencies are what makes your piece unique.

  • For most products purchased through our website, if you don’t like it, request to return it within 7 days for a refund. Please note, the item must be repackaged for shipping.  The refund you receive will be for the item price minus the shipping cost on the original shipment and the return shipment. We will provide you with these costs at the time you request the return. 

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