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Custom Epoxy Countertops

With BOWBAR's custom epoxy countertops, clients can choose from an almost endless array of color and design options to create a one of a kind focal point for kitchens, bathrooms, bartops and more. Whether your looking for soft neutral tones or a visually striking design, a full solid epoxy surface  or a combination of wood slab and epoxy countertops, BOWBAR can create custom color combinations and styles to fit any aesthetic. Epoxy countertops can be applied as an overlay to an existing countertop or custom built. We use only the highest quality epoxy resin to produce a durable, rock solid surface that is built to last. 

Epoxy Countertop Benefits
  • Extreme Durability

  • Heat Resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Impact and Scratch Resistant

  • Stain and Fade Resistant

  • Affordable 

  • 100% Renewable 

  • Easy to Clean and Low Maintenance

Countertop Samples

The sky is the limit! If you don't find what you are looking for in the limited samples below, rest assured, it can be done. Call, Email, or Click for a free estimate today!

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